Lobbies renovation - Flatiron District  (work in progress)

The goal is to updates, and at the same time, to bring back to prestige and elegance, two residential building lobbies in Flatiron District, Manhattan.

Restoring the original proportions and authentic feel, as using the most innovative materials on the market, optimizing production and minimizing  cost, still pursuing elegance and sophistication. 

BBraun Headquarter - Melsungen per Il Prisma (2017)

The project is a reconversion of a 19th-century sanatorium into a modern company headquarters inside a natural park to welcome B. Braun, a medical care solutions Company. The whole building is protected by the local heritage for its cultural value. The project considered the preservation and refurbishment of the building together with new high effect architectural elements. Where once there was the loggia where the patients cured of respiratory diseases today rises the central body that was emptied to make space for the new full-height social foyer with a central spiral staircase that symbolizes breathing. Il Prisma's design is based on the overall concept of breathing, keeping the expressive features of the location, along with its compositional and functional reinterpretation, the “muscular” strength of the building.

Co-working space per Il Prisma (2014)

Concept Design for a Co-working space in Milan.