Xandr (AT&T) for Gensler (2020)

A highly coordinated fusion of Interior Design, Branding Vision and Digital Experience,  Xandr HQ in New York  is an homage to Alexander Graham Bell determination and the reckless enthusiasm that inspired his  creativity, research and advocacy. 

Old and new, refined and raw, human scale and technology this office reflects Xandr vision and mission. 

Sentinel for Gensler (2020)

SL Green NY HQ for Gensler (2020)

LinkedIn Munich for Il Prisma (2016)

The DACH area is the heart of Europe, a unique land split in different countries but with common roots, celebrated worldwide for its excellences .

The LinkedIn Munich office was designed as “The DACH Gate”, a metaphorical portal that, being a strategic asset for the cultural and economic development, attracts people, feeds talent, creates energy and is able to transform the world thanks to the synergies that creates.

“The DACH Gate ” represents a new way of developing the economic and cultural aspects of the region in order to create excellences.

(Il Prisma)

LinkedIn Paris for Il Prisma (2016)

The LinkedIn Paris office takes advantage from an Haussmannian building footprint to represent metaphorically a new conception of  ecosystem. An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment interacting as system. As it nourishes and supports all the elements inside, LinkedIn nourishes and supports every member with training, knowledge, sharing and endorsement. (Il Prisma)

LinkedIn Milano for Il Prisma (2015)

The new LinkedIn’s workplace concept originates from the idea of ​​designing a place of transformation.

A space to support a new way of working that would enhance the talents and diversity which would support the variety, the natural rhythm of the work and its balance with private life. A concept which fosters the sharing of corporate values ​​and the creation of a team spirit, but also respected the individual moments of concentration and focus. (Il Prisma)

IPSEN Milano per Il Prisma (2014)

The need for a new office in Milan coincides with the will of IPSEN to create a representative office, elegant and highly communicative. An environment that tells who the inhabitants, their work and their values.

Starting from the concept of “body” as a complex of vital organs that make up the living being, the new office is seen as a set of functions that make up the vital system of the company.

Starting from the skin, through the inner areas, we recognize an office organic, live, experiential. (Il Prisma)

CITRIX Milano for Il Prisma (2013)

Citirix requested for an office design concept which could be adapted to all other corporate formats worldwide.

Flexibility, elegance and technology were the key elements around which was conceived the new modern and strategic service design concept. A space that was inspired by the principles of mobility, workshifting and the corporate new ways of working through the use of extremely flexible workstations, multitasking areas equipped with web-conferencing solutions and informal meeting rooms and cozy comfy break areas. A strategically located Headquarter capable of welcoming their clients in the best way. (Il Prisma)

BOSE Milano for Il Prisma (2013)

Il Prisma looked after the refurbishment and the office design of conception according to Bose‘s wish to give birth to a concept which could translate the brand dna: solidity, exclusive representation and elegance which gets declined into essential and rigourous shapes and intense nuances all over the wall system and ceiling.

The office design concept iteself conveys a solid, sophisticated, yet contemporary corporate image. (Il prisma)